7 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Resin Jewelry

Do you love your new resin jewelry?

Your new handcrafted piece is delicate and requires some special attention.

Here are some tips for keeping it looking beautiful.

These are the steps that I personally use to take care of my pieces.

Tip: You can use it on other resin art as well!

Let’s get started.

Use a soft cloth to gently buff your jewelry.

Keep fingerprints, dirt, and dust off of your jewelry with a soft microfiber cloth or t-shirt.

This dry dusting technique is key to preventing damage.

Wash with dish soap if necessary.

If dry buffing did not do the trick, you can wash your homemade jewelry piece with a tiny bit of dish soap in warm water.

Dry your piece completely with a soft cloth.

Don’t skip the drying step, as you want to prevent water spots.

Protect your favorite resin jewelry from chlorine and other pool chemicals with proper care. This image of a refreshing pool serves as a reminder to keep your precious accessories safely away from harmful substances.

Remove resin jewelry when swimming or showering.

Take your resin jewelry off every time you take a shower or go swimming.

Too much water can damage the resin.

If it is accidentally exposed to water, make sure that you dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth to prevent water spots.

Protect your jewelry from lotion & perfume.

Avoid exposure to potentially damaging materials, like lotion, sunscreen, oils, and perfume.

These types of materials can damage your piece.

You should also avoid any other types of chemicals including cleaning products.

Treat your resin jewelry with love.

You’ll also want to keep your resin away from any items that could scratch it.

Knives, scissors, nail files, or even sandpaper could cause the surface to be damaged.

Even direct sunlight could cause yellowing over the long term. For best results, treat your jewelry like the delicate item that it is.

Keep your resin jewelry looking its best by protecting it from direct sunlight. This image of a vibrant sunflower is a good reminder to store your jewelry in a cool, dark place to prevent discoloration and damage.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Keep your resin jewelry out of direct sunlight.

UV rays can affect your piece in a few different ways.

Direct sunlight can cause the resin to yellow over time.

More importantly, the UV rays can actually damage the materials inside the resin, such as the colors, the flowers, etc.

Store your resin jewelry correctly.

You’ll want to store your resin jewelry out of direct sunlight.

Also, make sure that you store it in a dry place.

(The bathroom is not a good option.) You might want to place your resin pieces in a soft pouch.

You can also wrap your pieces in tissue paper or place them in a small box.


Overall, caring for your resin jewelry is relatively simple and straightforward.

With proper cleaning, care, and storage, you can ensure that your pieces stay looking their best for many years.

Remember to be gentle with your jewelry and to take the time to properly clean and store it.


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