Cards to Cash: Where to Sell A Gift Card Fast

Do you have gift cards that you just don’t need? We’ve all been there before – looking through an overflowing junk drawer and realizing that we have a handful that we will never use. Don’t let them just collect dust in the drawer or waste the money on something you don’t want. Instead, sell a gift card for cash! In this blog post, I’ll reveal the top seven places where you can sell your gift cards and get back some valuable money. Say goodbye to your used cards and hello to your extra spending money! As with any site, remember to look up some recent reviews before you list or buy items to ensure that you can make a safe transaction.

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Sell A Gift Card Online

The easiest way to sell a gift card is to visit an online marketplace. Your best bet is a platform like eBay and CardCash. These platforms let you list your gift cards for sale, set your own price, and wait for interested buyers. They already have a user-friendly interface and a large customer base, so these online marketplaces are a decent choice.

Use An Exchange to Sell A Gift Card

Gift card exchange websites like Gift Card Granny act as an intermediary, connecting sellers with buyers. There are other websites that offer similar services, too, but these are fan favorites. Gift Card Granny has a straightforward process, where you enter the details of your gift card, and then the buyers make you offers. You can accept the best offer, then you finish the sale and receive the payment.

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Exchange It at the Store

One of the most reliable methods is to visit a popular retailer, such as Walmart, Target, or Best Buy. These stores usually have large kiosks and typically offer their own gift card exchange programs. This makes it very convenient to exchange gift cards for store credit. So if you receive a gift card that you don’t want, visit one of these big stores and try to exchange it for one that is more in line with your tastes. major stores.

Use Mobile Apps

Now that Mobile Apps are so prevalent, it is even easier to sell gift cards. Many of the popular marketplaces above, such as eBay, Cardpool, and Gift Card Granny provide a convenient way to list your gift cards right in the app. List your items quickly and easily with the app so you can connect with potential buyers. Some apps even offer additional features like barcode scanning and instant cash payouts, which makes the process even more efficient. Looking for another cool app? Read our article on Fetch rewards!

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Sell on Social Media Groups

If you are like me, you’d rather hang out on Facebook or another social media group. Use this to your advantage when you are trying to sell your unwanted gift cards. There are Facebook Groups and Reddit communities dedicated to buying and selling gift cards. Search for relevant groups, join them, and post about your gift cards for sale. Engaging with the community and building trust is key to successfully selling your gift cards through social media.

Use Local Buyers to Sell A Gift Card Fast

If you’d prefer to avoid the online route, go ahead and look for local gift card buyers. There are many places that may be interested in buying your gift cards. Look for pawn shops, consignment stores, or specialized gift-card-buying businesses in your area. These stores may offer cash right away, which provides you with a quick and easy solution to sell your unwanted gift cards.

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Sell to Friends and Family

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to consider your inner circle. Friends, family, or colleagues may be interested in purchasing your gift cards at a discounted price. Personally, I would prefer to give the card to my family rather than charge them a fee, but you should stick with your personal preference. This option gives you an easy alternative and lets you clean out your junk drawer while providing your close network with a valuable reward.


When you find unwanted gift cards, selling them is a smart way to get back some of their value. From online marketplaces to retailer programs and local buyers, there are numerous ways to conveniently sell a gift card fast. Remember to compare your options, consider the ease of selling, and the available payment methods when choosing the right platform. So, why wait? Start exploring the methods mentioned above and transform your unused gift cards into cash today!

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